We love and treasure all the past members of DOTs and continue to support them throughout their life endeavors! Here are our recent Daughters of Triton alumni 🥰


Ari Pemberton

Class of 2020 | Voice Part: Alto 2 | Years in DOTs: 1

Ari graduated from UCSD with a degree in Communication in 2020, and was a member of DOTs for one, amazing year. She loves music and looks forward to continuing her musical journey outside of DOTs.

Helen Oh

Class of 2020 | Voice Part: Soprano 1 | Years in DOTs: 2 | 2019-2020 Music Director

Helen graduated with a degree in International Business. She has always involved herself in the music world: as a previous concertmistress of the Symphonic Orchestra in St. Louis, as a solo pianist, as a member of UCSD Dancesport team, and as a member of DOTs. However, DOTs definitely has a special place in her heart, out of all her musical involvements. Other than her love for music, Helen loves to engage herself with children and is always down for food adventures.

Julianne Chen

Class of 2020 | Voice Part: Soprano 2, Vocal Percussion | Years in DOTs: 3 | 2018-2019, 2019-2020 Vice President & 2019-2020 Public Relations Chair

Julianne graduated with a degree in Cognitive Science and Music Performance. In addition to singing, she plays cello and some piano! In Julianne’s spare time, she enjoys photography, calligraphy, traveling, snacking, and saying “yeet” unironically! Besides DOTs, Julianne was a Junior Graphic Design and Marketing Assistant at ArtPower, which is the on-campus performing arts presenter! Her favorite part of DOTs is the bond that she feels between all of the girls because it is really something special <3


Alexandra Wei

Class of 2019 | Voice Part: Soprano 2, Alto 2 | Years in DOTs: 2

Alexandra graduated with a Linguistics major and Design minor and she was in DOTs for 2 years! She loves how DOTs has helped her increase her singing range and improve her stage confidence when performing! Aside from singing, Alexandra enjoys hiking, reading, and artsy things. She is currently working on adding surfing to her repertoire 🙂 Other organizations that Alexandra was involved in include UCSD STRIVE and Circle K International.

Chloris Li

Class of 2019 | Voice Part: Alto 1, Alto 2, Vocal Percussion | Years in DOTs: 4 | 2017-2018, 2018-2019 Music Director

Chloris graduated with a Theatre and Psychology double major. Her two favorite things in the world are watermelons and cows! During her free time, you may catch her watching Youtube videos, eating french fries, rocking out on the piano, playing Minesweeper, or going on photo adventures. At UCSD, Chloris was also involved with Muir Musical and Circle K International. DOTs has helped her grow as both a performer and a leader, and she is proud to be a part of this community of strong and empowering women who will change the world!

Cloie Chiong

Class of 2019 | Voice Part: Soprano 2, Alto 1 | Years in DOTs: 2

Cloie graduated with a Human Biology major and Global Health minor. In her fourth year at UCSD, she was Co-President of the Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honor Society. In addition, she was a Research Assistant at the UCSD School of Medicine and at the VA Hospital, and she also volunteered at the VA Hospital! She loves to shop, eat at Convoy, volunteer on clinic trips down in Tijuana, and take naps literally anywhere possible. Cloie enjoys singing with DOTs because it is a stress reliever, and through DOTs she was able to expand her comfort zone and meet really great friends! “Yee haw”

Dana Reyes

Class of 2019 | Voice Part: Soprano 2, Alto 1 | Years in DOTs: 1

Dana graduated with a Human Biology major and a minor in Psychology. She enjoys reading, baking, trying new foods and restaurants and, of course, singing! At UCSD, she was involved in the American Medical Student Association on campus. Her dog’s name is Nemo and that also happens to be the name of her favorite movie, which she can recite from memory from watching it so much. Her favorite thing about DOTs is that the unique qualities from all the girls bring such a warmness to the group and everyone truly cares about each other and that makes performing with them so fun and fulfilling.

Yanchang Li

Class of 2019 | Voice Part: Alto 2, Bass | Years in DOTs: 1

Yanchang graduated with a major in Psychology within three years at UCSD! She enjoys listening to all kinds of music, especially with clear rhythms, and she loves to sing along but is bad at remembering lyrics. Yanchang also always cooks new foods, though she ends up with something unexpected 😂 In her free time, she plays puzzles and can spend up to hours finishing them! 🧩