Current Members

Meet our 2023-2024 DOTs members!

Abby Harmatz

Voice Part: Soprano 2 | Year in DOTs: 2nd | Performance Coordinator

Abby is a fourth year in Muir, studying Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, and is from Long Beach, California. During her free time, she enjoys FaceTiming her dogs, watching shows with her roommates, and diving into anything about Disney. DOTs has allowed her to find her place at UCSD, and she is beyond happy to continue singing with the coolest people ever!

Allison Christian

Voice Part: Soprano 1 | Year in DOTs: 4th

Allison is a fourth year in Revelle studying Molecular and Cell Biology, and she is originally from Orange County, California. Outside of DOTs she loves spending time with her family, watching Marvel movies, and going to the beach. She is also on the UCSD club gymnastics team and passionate about her work as a volunteer at the Welsbie Lab. Allison is super excited to be a part of such a wonderful group and community!

Amisha Kumar

Voice Part: Soprano 2 | Year in DOTs: 2nd

Amisha is a second year in Seventh College. She studies Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience with a minor in Psychology. She is from Centreville, Virginia, a suburb of DC. Amisha started singing when she was around 5 years old and has thoroughly enjoyed singing in different choirs and A Cappella groups throughout middle and high school. Outside of singing, Amisha loves to play the guitar and piano. Additionally, she loves to play video games, paint, and find new music/genres to listen to in her spare time. Amisha loves the community and support that DOTs has brought during her first year of college. She can’t wait to continue singing with such wonderful musicians.

Anita Sun

Voice Part: Soprano 2, Vocal Percussion | Year in DOTs: 4th | Co-Music Director

Hailing from Fremont, California, Anita is a fourth year Sociology major and Computational Social Science minor. Apart from being music director, Anita enjoys roller skating and the daily NYT Connections game in her free time. Her favorite part of DOTs is being able to do something she loves with the people she loves. Fun fact: she can whistle and sing at the same time.

Cae Acosta

Voice Part: Alto 2, Vocal Percussion | Year in DOTs: 3rd | Vice President

Cae is the current Vice President of DOTs and is a third year Revelle student studying Sociocultural Anthropology and Classics from Chula Vista, California. She enjoys listening to live music, baking, and the visual arts. Outside of DOTs, Cae loves spending time with her friends, reading, travelling, and binging tv shows and watching movies. Some top picks for her are: The Mummy (with Brendan Fraser), That 70s Show, New Girl, and the Knives Out franchise!

Emily Huang

Voice Part: Bass, Vocal Percussion | Year in DOTs: 4th

Emily is a fourth year Chemistry major in Seventh College, originally from the Chicago area. When she isn’t singing with the DOTs (or alone in her car, whose name is Bert), she’s playing Dungeons and Dragons, watching animated movies, and swimming! DOTs has brought her some of her closest friends and so much joy, and she can’t wait to continue singing.

Emma Reid

Voice Part: Alto 2 | Year in DOTs: 2nd

Emma is a third year Warren student with a major in Neurobiology and a minor in Health Care-Social Issues. She is from Carlsbad, California. Outside of DOTs, she enjoys acrylic painting, gardening, baking, and watching video essays or dramas. She is glad to be a part of an amazing group like DOTs and is excited for what’s to come!

Jenny Song

Voice Part: Soprano 1 | Year in DOTs: 4th

Jenny is a fourth year in Sixth studying psychology and data science and she’s from Shanghai. She has been singing and playing the piano for more than ten years and she loves to watch musicals. Besides music, Jenny also loves languages. She speaks English, Mandarin, Shanghai Dialect, and French, and she’s teaching herself Italian. Her other hobbies include traveling, hanging out with friends, watching tv shows, and drinking coffee. Jenny’s dream is to own a Labrador or a Golden Retriever!

Kyra Power

Voice Part: Alto 1 | Year in DOTs: 2nd | President, Treasurer

Kyra is a fourth year Chemical Engineering major originally from Corona, California. She has always liked to sing, but also spends her time dancing, playing video games, drawing, taking really long naps, and being a huge Kermit the Frog fan. Kyra loves being in DOTs, where everyone is just as passionate about bonding through performing as she is!

Lana Hilwani

Voice Part: Soprano 1 | Year in DOTs: 2nd | Public Relations Chair

Lana is a second year Sociology Law & Society major in Seventh College, originally from Redlands, California. Outside of DOTs, she likes reading romance books, going to the gym, rewatching Attack On Titan, and listening to Taylor Swift. She has been in choir throughout middle school and high school and is excited to continue singing in college too. Lana’s favorite part about being in DOTs is the friendships she’s made as well as singing alongside such a talented group of people!

Olivia Yang

Voice Part: Bass | Year in DOTs: 2nd | Co- Music Director

Olivia is a fourth year Muir college Data Science major originally from the Dallas, TX area. Beyond a cappella, she does music composition and can also play 4 instruments! Outside of music, she spends much of her time playing Dungeons and Dragons and a variety of video games (predominantly Minecraft).

Sofia Gonzalez

Voice Part: Alto 2 | Year in DOTs: 1st

Sofia is a third year in Muir studying Social Psychology, and is originally from Austin, Texas. Outside of DOTs, Sofia enjoys hiking, camping, and playing bass guitar and singing with her surf rock band, Spare Parts. She loves animals, especially her goldendoodle, Pebbles. She has been involved in music almost her entire life, being a part of multiple choirs and playing guitar, piano, and bass. She is very excited to be a part of such a wonderful group of singers!

Izze Keith-Mahler

Voice Part: Alto 2/Bass | Year in DOTs: 1st

Izze is a second year in ERC studying literature and writing from Walnut Creek, California (Bay Area). She has been singing for over ten years and played instruments such as guitar and piano on and off in between choirs, recitals, and a cappella groups. Besides singing, Izze spends time painting, cooking, and watching movies. Her favorite part about DOTS is making memories over learning new music and spending quality time with quality people.

Caroline Toberman

Voice Part: Alto 1 | Year in DOTs: 1st

Caroline is a first year in Muir currently studying General Biology. She is originally from Palmdale, CA. Caroline has always sung for fun and once sang the national anthem for her middle school graduation! Outside of the DOTs she loves to crochet, draw, watch films, and go toy he beach. Caroline joined DOTs because she loves singing with other people and to make more friends!

Ariel Barnum

Voice Part: Soprano 2 | Year in DOTs: 1st

Ariel is a first year political science and public law major in ERC. She is from North Andover Massachusetts which is 30 minutes away from Boston. Ariel has previously sang in choirs and done musical theatre. When she’s not singing, she enjoys cooking, hiking and camping, Minecraft, and playing piano. She’s extremely grateful for getting to make memories in DOTs and sing with such amazing people!

May Nguyen

Voice Part: Alto 1 | Year in DOTs: 1st

May is a fourth year student in Marshall College majoring in clinical psychology. She is originally from North Hollywood, California, and outside of DOTs she loves playing Stardew Valley and reading romantasy novels, while cuddling with her bunny, Mochi. She is excited to make many wonderful memories in her last year at UCSD with DOTs.