Current Members

Meet our 2021-2022 DOTs!

Allison Christian

Voice Part: Soprano 1 | Year in DOTs: 2nd | Public Relations Chair

Allison is a 2nd year in Revelle studying Molecular and Cell Biology, and she is originally from Orange County, California. Outside of DOTs she loves spending time with her family, watching Marvel movies, and going to the beach. She is also on the UCSD club gymnastics team and passionate about her work as a volunteer at the Welsbie Lab. Allison is super excited to be a part of such a wonderful group and community!

Anita Sun

Voice Part: Soprano 2 | Year in DOTs: 2nd | Co-Music Director

Anita is a Sociology major from Fremont, California. She has a background in classical choir and piano performance, but she is interested in learning more about pop and jazz. In her spare time, she is often arranging or making music and playing BeatSaber on her Oculus Quest. She enjoys making baked goods for friends and families, and her favorite thing about DOTs is the camaraderie and friendship in the group.

Anna Pelz

Voice Part: Alto 1 | Year in DOTs: 4th

Anna is a fourth year in ERC majoring in political science with a data analytics concentration and minoring in Spanish. She is originally from Eugene, Oregon, and outside of DOTs she enjoys doing yoga and cooking. She is the president of College Democrats at UCSD and works as a research fellow with the US Immigration Policy Center. Her favorite food is tofu, and her go-to karaoke song is Guns and Ships from Hamilton. She has a dog named Simba who is one and a half years old. Her favorite part of DOTs is the incredibly supportive community and all of the friends she has made through it!

Arisa Namioka

Voice Part: Alto 2 | Year in DOTs: 2nd

Arisa is a fourth year Psychology major transfer from Ventura, California. She really enjoys listening to movie soundtracks while driving. Some of her favorite movies are Jennifer’s Body, Coraline, and Hot Fuzz. Outside of DOTs, she likes to watercolor paint, watch movies, try new food, and travel as much as possible. DOTs has been a great way to connect with others that are also passionate about singing and she can’t wait for the rest of our time performing music together.

Ashley Furuya

Voice Part: Alto 2, Vocal Percussion | Year in DOTs: 4th | Fundraising Chair

Ashley is a fourth year at UCSD and is originally from the Bay Area. Double majoring in Linguistics and Chinese Studies, she hopes to one day become an interpreter or a high school teacher. She loves the community aspect of DOTs and how empowering it feels to sing with an all female a cappella group. She also appreciates how everyone supports one another and encourages them to learn new musical skills such as beatboxing or arranging music. Outside of DOTs, Ashley works for UCSD FitLife and is a member of the school’s Nikkei Student Union. Her favorite hobbies are embroidering, playing board games, going to the gym, and playing volleyball.

Cae Acosta

Voice Part: Alto 2 | Year in DOTs: 1st

Cae is a 1st year Revelle student studying Archaeology and Linguistics, and is from Chula Vista, California. She enjoys listening to live music, cooking, and visual arts. Outside of DOTs, Cae loves spending time with her family, game nights, naps, reading, and is an avid Scott Pilgrim and Mythology enthusiast. She is excited to make new memories with everyone in DOTs!!

Carianne Lefebvre

Voice Part: Soprano 1, Vocal Percussion | Year in DOTs: 4th | Co-Music Director

Carianne is a fourth year Neurobiology major from Fontana, California. She loves all things music, from singing to playing piano and clarinet, but with DOTs she’s truly found her passion! She loves drawing, napping, crying over Game of Thrones and Marvel, and saying “y’all” even though she’s born and raised in Cali. DOTs has become her favorite part of being at UCSD and she can’t wait to spend more years with all these lovely ladies!

Emily Huang

Voice Part: Bass, Vocal Percussion | Year in DOTs: 2nd

Emily is a second year Chemistry and Marine Biology double major in Seventh College, originally from the Chicago area. When she isn’t singing with the DOTs (or alone in her car, who’s named Bert), she’s playing Dungeons and Dragons, binging Grey’s Anatomy, or working in a research lab at Scripps. DOTs has brought her many new friends and so much joy, and she can’t wait to continue singing with these amazing people.

Isabella Panagiotou

Voice Part: Soprano 2 | Year in DOTs: 2nd | Performance Coordinator

Isabella is a General Biology and Music double major in Muir college. In her free time, she loves to roller skate and play guitar. When she isn’t singing with DOTs, she sings opera and musical theatre pieces. She is passionate about her work as a research assistant at the Ideker Laboratory where she studies cancer. She also loves being an Orientation Leader and planning Welcome Week events for incoming students at the beginning of the year.

Jenny Song

Voice Part: Soprano 1 | Year in DOTs: 2nd

Jenny is a second year in Sixth studying psychology and data science and she’s from Shanghai. She has been singing and playing the piano for more than ten years and she loves to watch musicals. Besides music, Jenny also loves languages. She speaks English, Mandarin, Shanghai Dialect, and French, and she’s teaching herself Italian. Her other hobbies include travelling, hanging out with friends, watching tv shows, and drinking coffee. Jenny’s dream is to own a Labrador or a Golden Retriever!

Kali Mitchell-Silbaugh

Voice Part: Bass | Year in DOTs: 4th | Vice President

Kali is a fourth-year Literature/Writing and Theatre double major from Davis, California, where she grew up singing in choirs and performing in musical theatre. Outside of DOTs, she enjoys working as a Resident Assistant, writing plays, and coming up with puns that she thinks are hilarious (others tend to disagree). Kali is so grateful to be a DOT and loves singing with the talented, amazing, powerful rockstars she is lucky enough to call her friends.

Katie Byun

Voice Part: Alto 2 | Year in DOTs: 3rd

Katie is a third year Economics major. She has always been involved in music: performing opera and musical theater, playing violin in orchestra, and being a part of DOTs. Besides music, she loves learning new languages: currently speaking English, Korean and French, and working on Chinese. She is in the UCSD Kommon Society club, and her hobbies are spending time with her family, friends, and dogs, napping, and doodling. Katie’s favorite part of DOTs is realizing how making harmony gives her a special bond with each other.

Liana Medeiros

Voice Part: Soprano 2 | Year in DOTs: 4th
| President

Liana is the current president of DOTs and is a fourth year majoring in Cognitive Science with a minor in Linguisitcs. She is from San Diego, California and São Paulo, Brazil. When she is not singing with DOTs, Liana enjoys eating french fries, spending time with her family and friends, drinking lots of coffee, and loudly singing karaoke with her roommates. Liana also loves to crochet and has created many sweaters, shirts, dresses, and toys.

Masarah Salman

Voice Part: Alto 1 | Year in DOTs: 2nd

Masarah is a fourth year Neurobiology major from San Diego. She has been singing her whole life and is so excited that she joined DOTs. She enjoys watching tv shows, shopping, and hanging out with friends. She has an infinite love for all things Disney! Masarah cannot wait for all the great memories she’ll be making as a DOT.

Simone DiMatteo

Voice Part: Alto 1 | Year in DOTs: 3rd

Simone is a 3rd year Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience major with a minor in Music. She is originally from New Jersey but moved to the Bay Area a couple years ago. She has been involved in A Cappella music since high school but spent a lot of time singing with choir groups as well. Outside of music, she loves working out (whether it be in the gym or running), painting, reading, and cooking. She loves being a part of the DOTs and hopes to continue making music after college.

Teddy Moisa

Voice Part: Bass | Year in DOTs: 3rd

Teddy Moisa is a third year Human Biology and Business Psychology major from Aliso Viejo, California. In her spare time, she enjoys writing poetry, trying out new recipes, and spending time with her family. Teddy loves finding new music through DOTs and the supportive environment that the group provides.